Scandalli MIDI Accordion (Wireless)
This second-hand midi accordion is in excellent condition. The built-in Ciao Midi System contains 400 sounds which include over 50 distinct accordions.

Price: $4500 ono

Excelsior  940
This 120 Bass accordion has been refurbished with new leathers and retuned in both left and right reeds.

Price: $4500 ono

Scandalli Super Six
This fully reconditioned accordion is in near new condition.
This is a beautiful clean instrument with the famous Scandalli sound.

Price: $5500 ono.

New & Used Accordions
Piano accordions for sale
Settimio Soprani 120 Bass
This is a beautiful instrument with nothing to fix. It is in great working order and comes with a soft carrying case.

Price $1450.

Scandalli 80 Bass
This accordion has been refurbished throughout.
It comes complete with a one-year warranty and a soft carrying case.

Price $1950.